E-Commerce Insights: Amazon’s Top Emerging Marketplaces

Amazon is seeing significant growth in Brazil, Mexico, and Australia, with web traffic nearly tripling in Brazil and more than doubling in Mexico and Australia in just three years.

In contrast, core markets like the U.S., Germany, Japan, the U.K., and India show slower web traffic growth due to increased mobile usage with the Amazon app. Mobile e-commerce now represents 40-50% of online shopping and is growing rapidly. Brazil, Mexico, and Australia are also experiencing mobile growth, making their web growth noteworthy.

Web growth is even faster in Turkey, The Netherlands, and Singapore, although these markets are newer and smaller. saw a massive jump in visitors, reaching 150 million in February, up from 50 million three years ago. Amazon entered Brazil in October 2017 and started selling as a retailer in January 2019, still trailing behind Mercado Libre in the Latin American market. in Mexico nears 100 million visitors per month, also ranking below Mercado Libre. Amazon has been active in Mexico since 2013, accelerating growth due to COVID-19 pandemic-driven e-commerce adoption. receives over 50 million visits in Australia, surpassing eBay as the dominant player since its 2017 launch. Amazon and eBay have been trading places as the top e-commerce platform in Australia, with Amazon expected to soon maintain the lead.

MarketplaceWeb traffic (2023-February) (United States)2.2b (Japan)533m (Germany)408m (United Kingdom)328m (India)288m (Italy)160m (France)153m (Brazil)152m (Canada)150m (Spain)129m (Mexico)87m (Australia)50m (Turkey)35m (Netherlands)21m (UAE)19m (Egypt)15m (Saudi Arabia)14m (Poland)13m (Sweden)12m (Singapore)5m (Belgium)1m

Amazon had initially announced plans to expand into Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, and Chile in spring 2023, as revealed by documents obtained by Eugene Kim of Insider. However, Amazon has since delayed these expansion plans until at least the end of the year.

The rapid growth of e-commerce in Latin America has made it a key market for Amazon, with its Brazil and Mexico websites already showing strong performance. With the upcoming launch in Colombia and Chile, and potential future expansion into Argentina, Latin America is becoming an increasingly crucial region for Amazon.

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