Effective June 6, 2023, certain product types will require the inclusion of color name or size name attributes in new product listings.

The affected product types and their required attributes are as follows:

  • Color name: leotard, underpants
  • Size name: apron

Please note that all new listings for these product types must include valid attribute information, otherwise the product will not be added to the catalog. However, this attribute information is not required for active listings.

If you have any inactive listings that require these attributes, you can update them by going to the Manage Inventory section and filtering the listings for the affected product types.

To resolve any listing errors, please refer to the Error Code Explanations section.

Affected marketplaces:

  • Amazon Europe marketplaces (Amazon.de; Amazon.it; Amazon.fr; Amazon.nl; Amazon.se)

How to implement:

  • All product listings that don’t meet requirement will receive error code;
  • To troubleshoot error code user must visit error code explanation to fix listing attributes in order to meet new requirements.

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