Since this year Amazon launched free Unbranded Packaging programme for MCF orders in the UK now includes footwear and clothing. Sellers can use unbranded packaging for off-Amazon sales channels, and no Amazon branding is included.”

Benefits of this program:

  • This programme eliminates confusion for customers who had previously placed an order on Shopify, eBay and received their products in Amazon-branded packaging.

How to use and leverage this program:

  1. Go to the performance dashboard.
  2. Check the percentage of your orders being shipped in unbranded packaging.
  3. If you’re an MCF seller in the United Kingdom, your footwear and clothing orders can now be shipped in unbranded packaging for no additional fee.
  4. The Unbranded Packaging programme applies to all sortable items and items less than 45.72 x 35.56 x 20.32 cm, 9 kg or both.
  5. Note that all MCF sellers are automatically enrolled in this programme.

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