Grow capabilities

Full-stack Account management

Grow your capabilities by leveraging our skilled team of eCommerce experts, each bringing wide range skills necessary for winning in the modern eCommerce scene. We design our flow to seamlessly become an extension of your team, adapting to your business goals and unique culture. A dedicated manager is assigned to each account, ensuring effective communication through regular check-ins on the channels you prefer, be it Teams, Slack, or any other platform of your choice.

Right steps - leads to results

Growth plan & execution

Drawing on both data and experience, we will support in developing category and channel oriented performance growth strategies. Our primary focus is to create recommendations and plan which is aligned to your business targets and optimization of essential eCommerce metrics, including Average Order Value (AOV), Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), etc.

Through continuous monitoring of your category, we will make sure to capture relevant trends and implement defensive and offensive tactics as necessary against your competitors. This approach will guarantee the sustainability of your channel performance.

Leverage power of data & deep insights

eCommerce operations

Our operations will leverage our proprietary tools to seamlessly connect and monitor your inventory flows across all channels. Using predictive analysis, they will proactively initiate restocks or alert your respective teams regarding upcoming replenishment cycles. Through diligent monitoring, we promptly identify and flag any inventory issues, ensuring swift resolutions.

With a wealth of experience in handling Amazon FBA, 3PL providers, and hybrid fulfillment models, we possess the capabilities to assist you in establishing models that not only decrease fulfillment fees and out-of-stock occurrences but also maximize delivery performance.

Sustainable ad revenue streams

eCommerce advertising & SEO

We will support in building profitable and sustainable ad revenue streams. At Channel Aim we have diverse expertise in advertising platforms and ad products be it Sponsored products on Amazon ad platform, Display on Walmart’s Connect or Sponsored ads on Google. Most of our client’s prefer everything under one umbrella solution, to do this we use our proprietary advertising and reporting tools which enables us to leverage streamlined management of advertising campaigns in diverse channels. The best part all performance and activities are 100% transparent for our clients in unified dashboard.

To maximize the impact of advertising activities and overall channel performance we implement latest search best practices which combined with advertising helps significantly improve overall ROI.

Shopping experience that sells

Creative assets

Our creative team will work to create a storefronts, enhanced listings, ad copies, description that drives up engagement and conversion. 

To achieve this we leverage our creative talent and meticulous testing to find best performing creative assets and shopping experience that sticks to your audience. To keep the consistency and compliance we always follow Brand guides and content provided by the client. Yet we also have full capabilities to develop fresh creative such as product photography, videos.

amazon attribution
24/7 operational

Maintenance & technical support

We offer our clients round-the-clock access to our hotline for assistance with problem-solving beyond regular business hours and holidays. We consistently monitor your accounts and catalogs for suppression, compliance, or any other issues, taking prompt action to troubleshoot.

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