Empowering Sellers to Make a Difference: FBA Donations now offer Donation Certificates

What it is ?

Amazon’s FBA Donations program helps sellers donate unwanted products, including returns and overstock FBA inventory, to charity partners.

How it works?

  • Sellers who donate through the program in 2022 have access to a donation certificate that reports the inventory donated in the previous year.
  • The certificate contains the quantity and description of the donated products and can be found on the Donations page in Seller Central. By default, all U.S. sellers who use FBA are enrolled in the FBA Donations program, and they can elect to donate additional products that may otherwise sit in fulfillment and accrue fees.

What are the benefits?

The FBA Donations program helps provide goods to local communities in need and benefit nonprofits around the world.

How to use?

To learn more and set up recurring donations, sellers can visit the FBA Donations program page in Seller Central.

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