Looking ahead and making a plan is an excellent strategy to position yourself for success on the Amazon store. Make use of the calendar in combination with our preparation recommendations to start organizing for a prosperous 2023.

Top 5 tips on how to leverage upcoming events

  1. Plan for Prime Day and Prime Exclusive Discounts:

    • Stay updated on the dates for 2023 Prime Day and Prime Exclusive Discounts.
    • Prepare two months in advance, enroll in marketing or advertising efforts and send FBA shipments on time.

  2. Promote seasonal products:

    • Boost marketing efforts around relevant seasonal products using ads, deals, coupons, and promotions.
    • Market listings with Sponsored Products to increase visibility and sales.

  3. Stay stocked up:

    • Plan inventory to meet seasonal demand for products.

  4. Plan for proper lead times:

    • Include extra lead time in FBA shipments to Amazon warehouses during peak seasons.
    • Double lead times to ensure sufficient inventory stocked for seasonal demand.

  5. Optimize your ads:

    • Use relevant seasonal terms in targeted keywords and increase Sponsored Products budget.
    • Use high-quality imagery that highlights product benefits.

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