Amazon Rapid Analytics: A Retailer’s Secret Weapon

The modern advertising landscape thrives on valuable insights. In today’s fast-paced world, intraday optimizations have become the expected standard. Advertisers are actively searching for innovative solutions that can assist them in the following ways:

  1. Understand how Amazon Ads campaigns can impact retail performance, by hour of day
  2. Obtain retail analytics in near real-time to help drive timely campaign optimizations
  3. Proactively inform media and operational planning with retail insights

Amazon addressed above needs by introducing Rapid Retail Analytics.

What does Rapid Retail Analytics offer:
Through the utilization of rapid retail analytics, Amazon Ads offers timely “last hour’s insights” in a matter of minutes, facilitating comprehensive optimization of Amazon Ads campaigns in conjunction with retail performance metrics.

Amazon’s Rapid retail Analytics capabilities:

  • Optimize ad budgets and inventory based on hourly changes in traffic, sales and inventory
  • Obtain retail analytics summarized hourly, shortly after the close of each hour
  • Discover trends at the ASIN level, helping inform ad strategies at the product level

How can advertisers leverage Amazon’s Rapid Retail Analytics:

Trend analysis

  • Identify day-of-week, hour-of day insights
  • Develop “peak” hour notifications


  • Schedule ads or change budgets based on expected hourly sales
  • Create a dayparting engine, inclusive of hour & date of sales

Actual vs Expected analysis

  • Inform campaign changes by measuring hourly actual performance vs. expected
  • Ingest clients’ forecasts and develop budget changes to help clients reach goals

Where rapid retail analytics are available:

Feature is available Globally where selling partner API is available. This includes: AE, AU, BE, BR, CA, DE, EG, ES, FR, IT, JP, IN, MX, NL, PL, SA, SE, SG, TR, UK, and US.

How to use?

  1. Make sure you have access to Selling partner API
  2. Access rapid retail analytics through Selling Partner API reports & notifications endpoints
  3. Use as a report or push messages to an AWS destination
  4. Start using data for your marketing decisions

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